Chapter 3-5: Car Troubles Again

Ten minutes later I was on my way back to Socorro. I had only gone a few miles along Pecos Creek when I discovered that my left turn indicator was broken. I was not too concerned as the use of turn signals in New Mexico is a rarity. I arrived without incident in Socorro but when I went to make a right turn off California Street the steering wheel barely moved, it had started to seize up and it was with great difficulty that I turned the wheel and crawled the last two hundred feet into my driveway.

Truchas Peak, Sangre de Cristo Mountains, New Mexico

The following Saturday Dr. Bob appeared once again to examine my car. Within minutes he was underneath it checking every lead and wire with an excellent view of my legs as I stood idly by wearing a skimpy leopard-print mini skirt and a bright yellow T-shirt, making no effort to move. The pheromones were flying!

It turned out the alternator was shot, and Dr. Bob volunteered to come over the following Monday after work and install a new alternator in my car in exchange for dinner, an arrangement that was to continue for the next twenty-five years, and when it was his turn to cook, we went out to eat, which suited us both since I had no desire to wash dishes and he had no desire to cook.