Chapter 4-1: First Date

Bob opened the front door and Bugs ran out. We expected the crow to fly away as Bugs jumped up at the crow who continued to flap and squawk but seemed unable to fly away. Realizing that Bugs was closing in for the kill we rushed outside, and Bob grabbed the crow and I grabbed Bugs. We returned inside with the crow leaving Bugs outside glaring and yelling at us from the top of the motorcycle seat. Bob examined the crow and could find no broken wings, so we let it walk around the kitchen, and he returned to cooking. After inspecting the kitchen from ground level the crow started to fly, albeit unsteadily, and he briefly landed on the surface of the thick, whole wheat pancake batter.


To Bob’s surprise I told him to just scrape off the top layer and that the batter would be fine. It was at this point that we decided the bird needed to be enclosed and we spent the next hour turning a heavy duty cardboard box into cage with a platform, a bar to swing on, a dish of cat food and a small light.  Once the crow was safely installed in his new home, we finally sat down to a delicious breakfast of pork chops and pancakes, a first for me.

Bob said he would keep the bird until he felt it was well enough to fly but one night of cawing and pooping was enough for Bob who released the bird the next day. It immediately flew on to the roof of his house, then came back down to the ground, walked around for a bit as Bob worked on a car and then after twenty minutes disappeared over the hilltop. Bob thought for sure that our first date would be enough to scare any woman away. I thought it was a great first date!