Chapter 9-2: Vehicular Upgrade

Over the next couple of years, he replaced the rear coil springs with 1.5” taller coils, the front torsion springs with heavier duty torsion springs, the front shocks absorbers with higher quality ones. He replaced the stock open rear axle differential with an ARB (Australian) selectable air locker in order to have the option of locking both rear axles together or leave as open independent operation, and in the front differential installed a Truetrac, a limited slip differential. He replaced the thin weak chrome front bumper with an ARB heavy duty bull bar bumper along with a 9000-pound winch.  For our long trips into the back of beyond he added an auxiliary 11.5-gallon gas tank under the rear where spare tire originally went.  The full-size spare tire was now on the new custom roof rack.

Having Fun!

I was given the keys to the little Subaru and was now  able to go exploring in Socorro County on my own without wondering if I would get stuck on steep inclines. I just had to shift into four-wheel drive and was on my way.