Chapter 9-1:House Boats and Black Bear Pass - Acupuncture

A friend recommended an acupuncturist in Albuquerque, an older Chinese man. After the first visit, Bob was excited because his pain was reduced but by the next day it had returned. The acupuncturist told him that he would need to see him every day for the next six weeks to treat his pain. So he stayed in a motel on Monday and Thursday nights and had treatments on every day except Wednesday when he would rest at home. It seemed like a good plan. However, on his first night in Albuquerque another guest at the motel started up a jack hammer in the parking lot at 4 am. The following morning, he went for his treatment, and then drove home. He rested and drove back up on Thursday for another treatment. That Thursday night at another motel, a party was in full swing, so he fared no better.  By the end of his second week of treatment, he was miserable and there was no improvement in his pain levels.

Henry Mountains, Utah May 2019

One of the disadvantages of living in a small community back in the mid 90’s was that seeking treatments like acupuncture, chiropractic care, or physical therapy in Albuquerque, may have seemed like a good idea but after the 150-mile round trip any progress made had often slipped away by the time the off ramp to Socorro, 75 miles south of Albuquerque appeared. Today we are fortunate to have well respected physical therapy facilities, a chiropractor and a wonderful acupuncturist practicing in town.