Chapter 8-4: How to say Maureen

There is however,  one word that even after thirty years Americans have a hard time understanding, spell or pronounce. It's my own given name of Maureen. It's just not a common girl's name out west. In Brit talk I introduce myself as ‘Moreen', as I've always said it, as my parents, brothers, friends and teachers have said it over the years. Over here I'm met with that common blank stare. One notable failure with pronouncing my name was my husband Bob. Six months after I started dating him, I found scribbled on the front cover of a topographic map of the region three different spellings of my name: Moreine, Maurine, and Morene, and not one was correct. Rather than ask me the correct spelling Bob had given up completely on pronouncing my name and started instead to call me 'Cuddles', which he continued to do until the day he died. A name I was happy to hear from his smiling, mischievous lips.

Tres Montosas, Socorro County, New Mexico

Now, I'll introduce myself with my British name, but will add the 'Merine' like Maureen O'Hara the actress and then most people get it, especially those old enough to remember seeing Maureen O'Hara in the movies. After all these years my name is the one word that I steadfastly refuse to adapt to an American twang, and at Starbucks it seems I doomed to be forever Marie on my morning  cappuccinos!