Chapter 8-2: Ordering Breakfast

The next morning at breakfast in the same restaurant I fared no better. I’m sure there were comments being made about the dumb English girl sitting at the table by the window. On being asked how I would like my eggs I replied, ‘cooked”. Then I was asked, ‘over-easy, sunny side up, scrambled or poached’

“Fried” I responded.

“Sunny side up or over easy” was her frustrated response.

“Over easy”, I finally replied, just to make her go away. What the hell was sunny side up? Okay, here I admit to being dim witted.

She was still asking me questions. Now I had the choice of bacon, ham or sausage.


“Hash brown or grits?”

What exactly were hash browns and grits? I picked hash browns because who the hell wants to eat grit?

“White, whole wheat, biscuit or English muffin?” Would this never end?

I was curious to see what an English muffin looked like. It resembled a cross between a scone and a crumpet but never eaten in England.

And then the waitress started all over again with my advisor and then his colleague. Oh, good lord what happened to just ordering breakfast! This was going to take all day.

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