Chapter 7-5: Canal Trip Part II

A few days later as I was walking along the roof top, we bumped a passing houseboat, and I lost my balance. I remember seeing the narrow gap between the boats and realized I did not want to fall in between the boats and hastily jumped across to the other boat to prevent such a catastrophe from happening. Bob who had momentarily stepped down into the galley emerged to see me sailing off in the other direction with a big grin on my face. His immediate thought was, ‘I didn’t think the trip was so bad that she had to jump ship.’ George on the other hand was laughing as he had witnessed my quick balancing act. I was duly dropped off by my surprised new boat companions and walked back along the tow path to rejoin our boat and reassure Bob that I was not trying to escape from his family.

Canal Boat

There were a few delightful moments like the hike to the ruins of Beeston castle perched high above the Cheshire plain with great views in all directions. The outer wall marked the line of a fort from the Iron Age. It was a pleasant stroll through the woodlands around the base of the hill and up to the ruins. Another day, waiting at one of the locks I found a bakery where fresh scones were being pulled out of the oven and returned to the boat laden with scones and thick clotted cream. By the end of the trip I was glad to step off the boat!