Chapter 7-3: The Early Pain Years - Chile & Mustard Remedies

Mustard was another suggested remedy. It has excellent anti-fungal properties and is effective in curing athlete’s foot. Mustard tea is helpful in relieving muscular and skeletal pains, fever and cold. A mustard poultice made from mustard powder, flour, and water, can be used to treat chest congestion, coughs, and respiratory problems. Supposedly, it offers immediate relief from discomfort and helps to cure several infectious conditions. To make the poultice, mix half a teaspoon of mustard seed powder or freshly ground mustard with one tablespoon of flour. Add cool water to the mixture slowly until it turns to a paste then spread on a cloth and fold the cloth and place on your neck for fifteen to thirty minutes. What no one mentioned in these helpful remedies was the awful smell of the mustard poultice and after three nights the smell proved too much for Bob to stomach a moment longer. Plus it made sleeping even harder. All the success stories of these natural remedies related to knees and lower extremities where presumably the smell of mustard was not so overpowering. 

Many years later the mustard poultice would provide temporary relief to his right index finger after he was bitten by an irritated Western Diamondback Rattlesnake!

Moon rise over the Quebradas