Chapter 6-3: Wedding Bells

He was tidy, where I was sloppy and just stuffed everything into drawers. Over the years I began to fold my clothes and put them neatly away. He cleaned and vacuumed the house on a regular basis. I clean about every three months. But I liked to cook, and Bob was happy to be fed. So, there we were lying in bed asking each other about our annoying habits. Of course, I had none. I was perfect, well except for losing my keys all the time but a new entryway with hooks to hang up my keys would fix that. Bob then asked me how our relationship could be improved. I replied, ‘We could get married.’

Happily Married 

And Bob answered without any hesitation ‘Okay.’ We decided to keep it simple with just two witnesses. The following day, we asked Amy, Bob’s niece to be one of our witnesses. She was so excited that before we had arrived home, she had called the local radio station to play a song for us. The next day Bob ran into the mayor of Socorro who congratulated him on his upcoming nuptials. The news was out so we informed our respective parents and closest friends.

Ten days later, on October 30th, 1992, we were married at the Socorro County Court house in a civil ceremony surrounded by our closest friends. It was a beautiful sunny day; the sunflowers were still blooming and for my bouquet I held the last giant sunflower that had opened three days earlier in our front yard.