Chapter 17-4: Weather Interlude - Winter

One Christmas eve it began to snow in Socorro, and within hours the entire town had disappeared under a blanket of snow. Eighteen inches of snow fell on Socorro. It was a winter wonderland. The dirty drab streets looked pristine in their new white coat, and a few hardy folk ventured outside.  On a few occasions I have been able to cross country ski from my doorstep on trails in the desert south of my home. We have had one other snow that deep since then but overall our summers are longer and our winters drier and shorter as our climate warms

Strawberry Peak, Socorro County

By January, the locals are complaining of the cold and having to scrape ice of their windshields every morning. They wish for warmer days, although once the heat arrives it's not as if everyone rushes outside to enjoy it, as it's too damn hot to do anything until the sun goes down. In February we often get a taste of things to come when a waft of hot air slides into the state and white flabby bodies emerge wearing shorts and tee-shirts. It's time to scrape off last year’s barbecue sauce from the grill and fire it up. The few days of upper 70’s to low 90's F abruptly end with a cold snap and the apricot and apple trees that foolishly decided to blossom will not provide fresh fruit that year.  And then the wind arrives, not gently, swaying through the trees, but blasting, howling, ripping up everything in its path.