Chapter 12-2: Is this the way to treat people?

A few minutes later she came back and hurriedly walked in and in an irritated tone said,

You people need to get here early enough to fill out these forms.....” and some other stuff Bob could not remember but along the same lines and reached for his clipboard and snatched it away saying,

“Here, give me the forms, I’ll fill them out,” and sat down as Bob replied, 

“I was here 45 minutes early.” There was no response, and he didn’t say anything else since she was upset. Then she looked at the clipboard and said,

“I don’t have any paperwork on you. None. Nothing” as she flipped the forms a few times in disgust as Bob told her the paperwork was supposed to be here. At this point his appointment wasn’t scheduled for another 25 minutes and he was wondering, “Who has my GP referred me to? What is this place?”

She then told him he could not be take the medication his GP had been prescribed. She would write a prescription for morphine sulfate but no breakthrough pain medication and told him he would have to see their psychologist before any more prescriptions would be written.

Port Meadow and the River Thames, Oxford, Great Britain

Bob returned home in shock at this treatment by the doctor and for the first time in the twelve years of living with his neck pain, and associated muscle spasms and massive headaches, was seriously worried about his future. When Bob recounted all this to me, I wondered if they thought he was a drug addict and from that point forward, I would accompany Bob to every medical appointment, took notes and wrote everything up when we got home. I was livid by the treatment he received on that Wednesday.