Chapter 10-3: Pumpkin Pie

What could go wrong? Well I cooked the wrong pumpkin, and I did not have a blender, so I mashed the pumpkin through my sieve. The pumpkin mush seemed a little on the stringy side, but I added eggs, evaporative milk, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. I had no idea what the final concoction should taste like, so I was a little conservative on my spice measurements. Then I poured the mixture into a homemade pie crust and hoped for the best. Bob came over for dinner.  The pie looked good on the table, but when I cut into it, I realized that scissors would have been a better tool to slice the stringy concoction. We each had one, perhaps two bites before mutually agreeing that pumpkin pies were not supposed to be stringy, lumpy and bland. I remembered my mother’s view on pumpkin pie, next time more sugar and spices. The pie was tipped into the trash can.

It would be a few years before I tried again. My lovely friend Dawn, one of those rare warmhearted individuals whose home is always a welcome and entertaining place to visit dislikes cooking and yet makes an excellent pumpkin pie.  How could this be? How could she have the time or patience to bake a pumpkin pie? When Bob gleefully recounted my disastrous attempt at baking a pumpkin pie, Dawn disappeared into her grandmother's kitchen and reappeared holding a can of cooked pumpkin and showed me the recipe on the side of the can, pointing out that any idiot who could read, could cook a pumpkin pie.

I quickly mastered the art of baking an edible pumpkin pie! And Bob was now being well fed and started to put some weight back on.